Monday, October 09, 2006

XeO3: Editors.

I'm taking a small break to play a bit more with my C# stuff. I've gotten the Plus/4 sprites loading in, so now all I need to do is scale them. But to see the results, I thought I'd extend the program I was doing into something a little more useful. Something that can load in sprites, characters and XeO3 style maps. I may even add editing to it at a later date.

Once I have the drawing working, I'll write a quite scale function that'll allow me to save out full size C64 sprites - although they'll be a bit rough around the edges. The biggest issue I have with XeO3 on the Plus/4, is that I can't view or edit sprites easily, Luca has to make little Plus/4 programs that show his work animating in a self contained PRG, which is far from ideal - so I hope this will help a bit more.

Level editing is also a concern as the current one was created by "FatMan", and he has long since vanished. So now we really need to be able to create one outselves, particually if we want others to make new levels or even games out of it.

I'll have to watchout when doing this program, as the temptation is to make an all singing all dancing app, which will take longer to write than the game itself. If I was doing an editor to "sell", I guess I would make everything variable and portable. But the idea is to keep the goal in mind, and not get too carried away with what should remain, a simple XeO3 editor.


Anonymous said...

Fatman's tiles editor has some positive points, but I don't wanna switch off DirectX everytime I map a level :)

Mike said...

Yeah, I know... its a bit irritating on a multi-monitor setup as well. It was done quickly so it was really handy, but I think the time has come to do a new one.