Wednesday, June 02, 2021

#CSpect V2.14.3

#CSpect V2.14.1 changes

A few fixes and some new features, and I've also added in a beta of my SD Card Editor, allowing you to easily copy files off the SD card using a nice explorer sty;e window.

I will also draw peoples attention to the new analytics that have been added. I've been wondering where I should direct my effort, so this is trying to get a feel for how people are using it. It's mainly startup counters, major function key presses, and command line options. There is a switch to disable if you feel uncomfortable, but please keep it enabled if you can, it'll help the future of the emulator. I may also share some stats in the future as I'm sure folk will be interested in usage numbers etc...

Minor update V2.14.3
  • Fixed BIS and Warhawk crash
  • Odd crash with last version, rebuilding zip to try and fix
  • Now alerts you to a new version
  • Did more sprite window fixes
  • Altered FLASH rendering

Minor update V2.14.1
  • Added a check for AY regs above 16, as a common music driver has a bug in it
  • Timers are now reset on F3
  • IRQ TStates are reset back to 30 Pre-Tstates. This isn't correct but helps some games work better.
  • Stopped a crash on exit from fullscreen

Changes V2.14.0
  • Fixed esxDOS Read/Write so it's now returning NEXT pointer IX instead of HL.
  • You no longer need to extract ROM files to run in full SD card mode, they will be copied out the SD card image directly.
  • Sprite right edge clip fixed - I think.
  • AY registers are now readable
  • Some very basic analytics are now collected. Each startup, command line options etc. "-analytics" to disable. Please leave it on if you can, as it'll help me direct developement effort.
  • I have added my new SDCardEditor into the archive. This is very much just a beta, but lets you easy copy files from the SD card. Full editing coming on this.
  • The latest windows update now causes some nasty stalling. To reduce (but not remove), go into "settings" and search for "game mode" and switch it off. This will help a little.