Friday, February 23, 2018

CSpect 1.10

New version of CSpect, complete with a new demo!!

CSpect changes
  • -cur to map cursor keys to 6789 (l/r/d/u)
  • Fixed copper instruction order
  • Copper fixed - and confirmed working. (changes are only visible on next line)
  • Copper increased to 2K - 1024 instructions
  • Fixed a bug in the AY emulation (updated source included)
  • Fixed Lowres colour palette selection
  • Added new "Beast" demo+source to the package to show off the copper

Monday, February 05, 2018

CSpect 1.09

Couple of minor changes/fixes to CSpect

CSpect changes
  • Layer 2 is now disabled if "shadow" screen is active (bit 3 of port $7FFD)
  • Timex mode second ULA screen added (via port $FF bit 0 = 0 or 1). Second screen at $6000.
  • Fixed bit ?,(ix+*) type instructions in the disassembler. All $DD,$CB and $FD,$CB prefix instructions.

SNasm changes (V2.0.11)
  • Changed SET (redefineable EQU) to DEF (as Z80 has a SET instruction!)
  • Number of bytes “lost” using the ALIGN command now reported