Thursday, February 07, 2019

#CSpect 2.2.4

In this version of CSpect, the number of Sprites has increased to 128, and we have the new tilemap engine to play with.

CSpect V2.2.4 changes:
  • Minor update for tilemap indexing when tile size is 16bit.

CSpect V2.2.3 changes

  • Added Tilemap screen mode
  • Upped sprites to 128 as per new hardware (yum!)
  • Added X and Y scrolling to tilemaps
  • Added ULA scrolling using LowRes scroll registers. Note: X currently byte scrolling only.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the streaming API.
  • Fixed USL rendering order - was just buggered. (Layer2 demo was broken)
  • Added a "vsync" mode when using "-60 -sound"
  • Bit 4 of nextreg $09 now locks next sprite regs, and port regs together
  • Fixed regs $75-$79 sprite auto inc