Sunday, May 14, 2023

#CSpect V2.19.3.0

#CSpect V2.19.3.0 changes

Some debugger and Layer 2 fixes, and fixing the streaming API in the esxDOS emulation system.
  • Extended the debugger's "Display" view to show the whole screen
  • You will now be prompted to install OpenAL if it can't be found (on windows)
  • Fixed Layer 2 pixels in the border area
  • Fixed the esxDOS emulation streaming, allowing Pogie to run with audio from the command line again
  • Added "INPORT <16bitport>" and "OUTPORT <16bitport>" breakpoints in the debugger, allowing a break on a read/write to a port
  • Added a new "TONE" command to the debugger. This switches on a single tone to the audio buffer to test if there are system playback issues

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