Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life goes on....

I got an interesting link to a blog which I found pretty funny, it seems the DMCA has a really odd loophole which means that if enough people break a copyprotection, then its no longer considered as copy protection!?!?!? Check out the link HERE for more.

I started looking at the stuff I was (supposed) to do for Solder a while back - sorry dude - last night, so I hope to be able to send him something soon. I never did get round to finishing updating my Plus4 to a 128K Flash chip - I really should. I;ve discovered the biggest problem with these things is the sheer amount of soldering! Man theres a lot.... Oh well..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You wait....Time passes.......

Yep, not done anything for a while - so much for getting on with the weapons system! But as usual life catches up. I've been busy cataloging all our DVD's and man, do we have a lot. I didn't realise until we started listing them! Oh well.... need to cut back. I've also started porting my spectrum emulator over to C# and XNA, which means I could put it on the 360 - which would be nice. I also want to put my C64 and Plus4 on there as well. Once I have a framework for emulators, it shouldn't take long to do.... I hope, and C# is a really REALLY nice language for doing stuff in, so much so, I've almost completely stopped using C++ now.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

XeO3: Yet another bug...

Damn it... just when I've fixed one but, another appears to have crept in, and this time I've no idea how. I cant appear to be able to shoot turrets any more, which implys the bullet code has been changed somehow.....but how is the question!