Sunday, June 18, 2006

Football fever!

Been doing almost nothing except watching the world cup really. Some fairly good matches and some fairly dull ones but its great fun. I love watching good teams play, but it does bug me when commentators say this game or that game will be a walk over; all the teams had to fight to get to the world cup in the first place, so they're all pretty good. Ghana proved that yesterday by beating the Czech's, it was a game that everyone assumed would be a dull walkover by the Czech's.

I also discovered my projector takes in a HiDef signal! And although its sampled down, still means I can a truly outstanding picture! The projector does 960x540, so the 1920x1080 progressive image is sampled down, but boy its cool. So I've stolen the Cable TV box from the Living room and put it beside the projector and been living in HiDef Heaven!! I wonder what a proper 1920x1080 image looks like once its been projected onto an 8foot screen...

Friday, June 09, 2006

First communion...

Its my daughters first holy communion on Sunday, and she'd been doing lots of classes and leassons in preperation for it. My mum had been so looking forward to this last year just before she passed away, so it'll be an odd happy and sad day for us all. We still haven't gotten my mums estate sorted out, but I have no idea how long these things take really. I promised my Gran that mum will pay for the dress Rebecca will be wearing since it meant a lot to mum to be the one to buy it. Frances got a chain from my mums collection for becca to wear on Sunday, so thats nice.

Its funny how we keep trying to include the ones we've lost in our lives, I'm not sure if its out of loss or knowing that she's up there watching and allowing her to take part in some small way. I suspect the latter. It's one of the reasons I don't feel the need to go to the grave very much, I feel like she'd not there, but is watching from somewhere else. When Nicholas was Christened, out of chance we ended up using a white scarf of my mums as well... I know lots of people would say thats just chance, but I don't think any of us see that.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Back to normal.....almost.

I've just about recovered now, so I've been back at work adding to the latest Demo for Dave. Russell's been having a ball adding really sad effects, but it's all adding up to something that looks fairly neat. I'd love to see this for the first time again because I don't really see anything special most of the time. M ost folk seem to think it looks amazing, but I have to admit, I just don't see it. It looks cool, but not quite as amazing as everyone makes out... I can't tell if they really do think that, or are just being nice.

I did buy the large climbing frame thing for the kids, and I've spent most of the week building the damn thing. I'm almost done, I've just got the swings to add. Although, that looks like a job in itself. Still, Joseph was out playing on it tonight and had great fun, so I hope this will keep them out and help keep them active. When I was their age, I was never in the house, I was always out playing...I don't want them to become too lazy this early on - I've no idea what that'll do to them later in life when they have no choice in the matter....