Saturday, July 21, 2018

CSpect 1.14

CSpect changes

  • -joy to disable DirectInput gamepads
  • Re-added OUTINB instruction (16Ts)
  • Fixed a but with MMU1 mapping when reading, it was reading using MMU0 instead.
  • In ZXNext mode, if you have RAM paged in MMU0, then RST8 will be called, and esxDOS not simulated
  • Palette control registers are now readable (Hires Pawn demo now works)
  • Reg 0 now returns 10 as Machine ID
  • Reg 1 now returns 0x1A as core version (1.10)
  • Layer2 transparancy now checks the final colour, not the index
  • Fixed sprites in the right border area (the 320x192 picture demo)
  • Timex Hires colours now correct (Pawn demo)

  • Re-added OUTINB instruction

Thursday, July 05, 2018

CSpect 1.13

CSpect changes
  • Kempston joystick emulation added using Direct Input. All controllers map to a single port, port $001F = 0FUDLR
  • Fixed CPU on WRITE and on READ breakpoints
  • -port1f command line removed
  • .NEX format now leaves IRQs enabled
  • Removed some of the old opcodes from the debugger
  • Removed MIRROR DE
  • Fixed memory contention disable (so now tested!)