Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reporting In...

Nothing much to report. I've just had a nice relaxing birthday weekend and done nothing but cut the grass and watch the Monaco GP. Great fun. However, I have gotten my subversion server up and running again, so that at least should be backup for everyone using it.

No idea when I'll get back to doing stuff, just not in the mood just now - not to mention still installing stuff for windows 7.

Still, had a great weekend so what the hell :)

Monday, May 11, 2009


I've now reinstalled sub-version. As I'd hoped, it was pretty painless since I already had all the config files setup and simply had to point at them. Windows 7 is pretty nice and I'm trying really hard to keep features like the user account control, but I'd also love to be able to switch it off for specific programs - like the command prompt (when run as administrator). Still, I'll keep plodding on and see if I can get used to it.

I'll need to test the remote access tomorrow, but since the firewall hasn't changed, it should all be fine; fingers crossed!

I've only a couple more programs to install and I should be back to normal. I have lost my 3rd monitor as it the display seemed to be locking up a lot, but since I've just installed some new drivers, I'll try switching it back on and seeing if its all working again. I like having 3 monitors, it'd be a shame to lose it.

Russell reminded me that I actually have a proper MAC that I could be testing with MONO (my dual core G5), and although I'll need to get more RAM it would be a good testing ground for retro edit (which Russ tells me runs pretty slowly on it) and mu debugger - once I get TCP/IP support in. I could probably knock up a GL version of Minus 4, this should be easy as Russ has ported my speccy emulator over I suspect I could pinch the source to that and get Minus4 working pretty quickly. This would then let me use the OgreDebug and the TCP link to the emultor.. I think.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Windows 7!

I've just installed the windows 7 release candidate and it's all very nice. It has some issues with my 2nd graphics card (I use a small PCI card so I get a 3rd monitor), but aside from that many of the annoying vista-isms are now gone.
However... Because it's a clean install I now need to reinstall everything, including the sub-version server but I hope that since I'm just pointing at a depo it won't take too long this time. If I get a chance tonight I'll try and finish installing everything, then I can (I hope) plod on with more interesting things.