Saturday, July 11, 2020

#CSpect V2.12.34

Quickly added in the last missing screen mode...

Edit: Fixed a minor issue where hex editing was case sensitive... so you needed to press SHIFT+letter... doh.

Edit: Updated for a couple of new dev features

#CSpect V2.12.34 changes
  • Fixed HEX editing in the memory window so that it's case insensitive. (don't have to press SHIFT)
  • ReadMe.txt now holds the "manual" part of this text file, and this is now "just" the version info.

#CSpect V2.12.33 changes
  • You can now click on the memory window to edit bytes directly by typing HEX values into it ENTER or click off to stop
  • You can now press KEYPAD_ENTER to display the game screen while in the debugger

#CSpect V2.12.32 changes
  • Fixed reg $8E bit 3 usage - don't change RAM mapping
  • Fixed Layer 2 palette colour offsets (NextReg $70)
  • NextRegs $6E and $6F now return top 2 bits as 0

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

#CSpect V2.12.31

Quickly added in the last missing screen mode...

#CSpect V2.12.31 changes
  • Added DAC's B,C and D
  • Added SAVE to the debugger: SAVE "NAME",add,len, SAVE "NAME",BANK:OFFSET,length, SAVE "NAME",BANK:OFFSET,BANK:OFFSET
  • You can now read DMA Registers
  • CTRL+F7 now executes to cursor in the debugger
  • Added the demo "mod_player.nex" added to #CSpect package