Tuesday, May 24, 2022

#CSpect V2.16.5

#CSpect V2.16.4 changes

Very quick version to allow people to load older SD card versions, and older version of the ROM.
  • Now detects older Next ROM image files and will auto-disable the divMMC auto mapping so they still work

Monday, May 23, 2022

#CSpect 2.16.4

#CSpect V2.16.4 changes

Will now finally tell the user to install OpenAL, and I've fixed some 4bit relative image stuff.
  • Now correctly detects that OpenAL is not installed, and will message the user and disable audio
  • Added "IR" register to disassembly window
  • Fixed some 4bit relative sprite shape stuff
  • F5 will now screen shot whatever is on screen. The Spectrum screen (pre-shader), or the debugger
  • Window should now start centered on screen (or 0,0 if screen isn't big enough)

Friday, May 20, 2022

#CSpect 2.16.3

SNASM V3.1.1
  • Fixed bug where LD A,(IX-??) wasn't recognised

#CSpect V2.16.3 changes

Mainly some CTC timer fixes, and fixing the disassembler to display LD ?,(IX/IY-??).
  • Fixed CTC timers, should now be correct
  • CTC cascading timers added (I think)
  • Fixed disassembler, "LD A,(IX-??)" should now be displayed correctly
  • Interrupts are now disabled im start of IM2