Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dundee "smart" city.

This is a funny one.... Dundee has been named as one of the smartest citys on the planet by some of the worlds leading experts. (HERE). I find this really funny coz it names as one of the reasons the ever growing computer games comunity there, which by definition makes me really smart - and if thats not enough to make you laugh, then nothing is.

The other odd thing is that it seems to try and suggest it was planned.

"It said the city had "continued to transform a former shipbuilding community that suffered severe economic shocks into a national powerhouse and leader in game design and sciences"."

Now.... I find it odd - being one of the founders of this "game design" comunity, that they think it a planned thing since anyone actually IN computer games, knows it was simply because DMA brought in heaps of folk, who then splintered off and formed their own companies. Now, Dundee does have a huge number of games companies per head of population, but non of this is because of the planning of Dundee City Council.

However, all that aside it's good to see I guess as it might help to upgrade peoples opinion of Dundee and let them consider it a place to live. We struggle a lot to hire folk, and lots of folk dont want to move here because its got a bad name, so I guess in that respect its good; funny....but good.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Im still here!!!!

I know....its been a while. I'm still actually recovering from my trip believe it or not. I got back just over a week ago and I'm still not sleeping as well as I was, and this means I have no energy at night to do anything else....bit of a bugger really. I am start to think about things again though, and hope to get stuck in soon, although Im not sure if that'll be XeO3 or my MMC add on - time will tell.

Of course...I didnt make a diagram of the MMC thing, so now I have to reverse engineer what I've already done! doh!!