Sunday, March 31, 2019

#CSpect 2.3.3

Quick update to fix 512 tiles and ULA ordering. Hardware has changed from what I had, and some in the dev team wanted the update. While I was at it... I've added a couple of other dev requests.

CSpect V2.3.3 changes

  • Fixed 512 tile mode. ULA Disabled bit has moved to Reg 0x68, bit 7
  • Border can now be transparent and will use the fallback colour
  • NEX format file expanded. Default 16k RAM bank at $C000 now set
  • NEX format file can now set the file handle on request
  • Added more window scaling options (-w1 to -w10 now available)
  • Updated 512 tile mode to use NextReg $6B (bits 0 and 1) properly
  • core version now set to 28 (2.0.28)
  • Layer 2 demo code cleaned up a bit - old macros removed

Saturday, March 30, 2019

#CSpect 2.3.2

This version increases the window size to a full 256 high - as some games can now use full overscan, has some fixes to the tilemap engine, 2 player joysticks along with Megadrive buttons, and FSTAT file system additions

CSpect V2.3.2 changes

  • F_FSTAT($A1) and F_STAT($AC) now implemented again
  • -fullscreen added to start in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed loading of NEX files that have pre-set tiles
  • Sprite over border clipping fixed
  • Sprite over border *2 on coords fixed
  • Fixed a rasterline reading issue when read at the bottom of the screen.
  • Screen size changed to 320x256 to allow for full tilemap+sprites display (640x512 actual)
  • Fixed Tiles under ULA screen when in border area (now also under border). Same as H/W
  • Added 2 player Joysticks (first pass)
  • Added MegaDrive joysticks (first pass)