Sunday, November 22, 2020

#CSpect V2.13.00

#CSpect V2.13.00 changes

Note: I am aware most virus scanners are rejecting this. Apparently it's because I open files in "shared" read/write mode. This is so that SD cards can still be written to while the emulator is running. You'll need to add an exception if you wish to use it.

This is a special 'experimental' release so that everyone can try out the new "rewind" feature in the debugger. Specifying -rewind on the command line, or typing 'REWIND' in the debugger will enable/disable it.
This will then let you step 'backwards' using SHIFT+F7, undoing whatever the CPU has just exectued. Memory and CPU state should be solid (along with MMU and ROM usage), and I've started to add in sprite access as well - but this is more untested.
It's good fun, and super handy for debugging when you need to just roll back a little bit....
  • Fixed physical breakpoints in the plugins
  • (Highly) Experiminetal "rewind" debugger feature. Simply press SHIFT+F7 to step back. Currently tracks all RAM access and Sprite port access.There's bound to be HEAPs of issues and bugs with this, but for simple debugging, it should be fine.
  • Added UnStep in plugin system
  • Added "REWIND" debugger command, to allow you to switch the CPU history on/off dynamically
  • Added Debugger message display. Now reports errors when you use a non-existant label etc.
  • Fixed a bug in the rewind of MMUs
  • Swapped to 2.13 coz I was bored of 12.??

Thursday, November 19, 2020

#CSpect V2.12.38

#CSpect V2.12.38 changes

Minor changes and fixes...
  • Added NextRegs $2C and $2E (DAC mirrors)
  • DMA read flags (Bit 5 and Bit 1) added and fixed.
  • Added "_" to BASIC key detection
  • I "think" I've fixed the stuck BASIC mode keys (where : just gets stuck and repeats....)
  • Added OpenAL32.dll to the zip.... turns out that's allowed.
  • on loading of a NEX file, NextRegs are set to what the OS NexLoad sets
  • 32bit mode should work this theory

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

#CSpect V2.12.37

#CSpect V2.12.36/35 changes
  • RAM is now filled with random bytes on power up to help simulate the real machine
  • -fill=$XXXXX allows you top specify a specific byte sequence to fill RAM with
  • Debugger: general layout adjustment.
  • Debugger: text colour changes when user bar over the top for easier reading
  • Debugger: $ added to all hex numbers
  • Debugger: Hex numbers are now coloured for easier spotting
  • Debugger: Added "peek()" of all memory access to the left of the disassembly line
  • Debugger: Added 16bit "peek()" of all 16bit register load/store locations
  • Debugger: Added a small permanent memory dump using 16bit registers as the base address
  • Debugger: ` now displays the current screen in the debugger (Keypad-Enter also works)
  • Debugger: Memory window bookmarks added. CTRL+SHIFT+[0-9] to set, CTRL+[0-9] to jump to.
  • CSpect should now run on 32bit and 64bit machines
  • Now detects if the shader fails to compile, and switches off the shader mode
  • Fixed port $123b 16k bank offset mode
  • Fixed unified attached sprites

#SNasm V3.0.3
Brand new C# version, which will now run on Linux and macOS. I'm sure there are still bugs in here, so released for community testing. It assembles everything I've got, so should be fine.