Saturday, June 14, 2008

XeO3: Improvements

So here we go again....

  • I've made some of the harder baddies easier to kill

  • I've added the drift to the coin and made the arc slightly higher (although as Luca's aready pointed out, it still has to get off screen pretty quickly!)

  • I've added the scraping sound as you get hit.

  • In the final game, there will be a sheild recharge pickup, and it'll get recharged at the start of each level.

  • I'm still unconvinced about moving the ship faster....

  • I've made the harder baddies a static frame so you can tell they're hard to kill. This will chance in the final game to a different baddie graphic so each TYPE will have its own strengths.

We will release an update in a few days to see what you all think about the improvements, and all going well, we'll plow on with the actual game.

I also just spotted a worrying bug in visual SourceSafe. It would just refuse to check in a modified file for some reason! I'd check out a file, change it, and then check it back in; but the file wouldn't actually change! This seems to have affected 2 files. My turret source file, and the front end logo characterset. I've now managed to fix them both without losing anything, but thats a worrying turn of events!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I'm glad you've made those improvements, but I would second or third a motion to make the ship a little quicker, or at least make a power up that does this.

Anyways, I'm enjoying the Alpha release even though it is way difficult!



Mike said...

I suspect the speed up would be a power up, I really dont want to make it that speed from the start as I'm aiming for a more sedate shooter. I don't like the ones where you have to dash around really quickly.

I'm surprised folk are finding it hard though, I really do suck at shooters; hell - I can barely get past the first screen on IO!