Thursday, June 19, 2008

XeO3: Demo V2.0

I'm currently finishing off the update to the demo and Luca and I are both pretty pleased with it. We feel its way too easy for us, but I suspect that probably means it'll make a good level 1 standard for everyone else.

So whats new? Well heres the list. You'll immediatly notice a couple of things missing, but if you read through the comments to last weeks postings you'll see where those are going. I've still not discounted a midway restart, but I've yet to be convinced.

  • Coins now drift with the scroll.

  • Coins now arc up slightly higher.

  • Baddies are easier overall.

  • Several fadeing bugs fixed.

  • Alien bullets now get rendered after player bullets so they MASK properly and dont disappear when a player fires through them.

  • Paths now continue to move when your dead.

  • All bullets now continue to move when your dead.

  • panel bars now dont clear on death but simply recharge.

  • screen keeps scrolling on death.

  • You now get a shield draining sound.

  • Small coins are now worth 1/2 coin.

  • Large coins are now worth 7 coins!

So there you go... thats pretty much the list. As I've said Luca and I find this pretty easy so its proof really that practice does help!

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Anonymous said...

Really loving the coin drift. Yes, it makes the level considerably easier, but the important thing is it *feels* so much better and more natural.