Sunday, July 29, 2007

Plus4 SD/MMC

SO, I've spent much of the day soldering away, and I've almost got the MMC part connected up. It's hard going though, and to top it all I think my soldering iron needs a new tip - again. The more I do of this, the more I wish I had that milling machine so I could just make a new board! Soldering in the sockets etc. is nothing, but stripping and soldering the wires is a nightmare!

Any-hoo, once I've done the last few wires, I'll try the code I have for reading the card and see how close I got...chances are it'll need lots of tweeking to get it working right.


Iapetus said...


Much success for your projects!
Very interesting blog.

I would like to ask you something not related with this topic tho and didn't know how to contact you. I am programming a c64 game I am having hellish days debugging. My question is which tools do you use to debug 6510/6502 asm code? Thanks sorry for the OFFTOPIC

Mike said...

No programming question is ever off topic here! No matter what langauge! :)

Your best bet is the built in debugger in VICE, its pretty good (well, reasonable) - especially if you can get symbols to load in.

Iapetus said...

Thank you Mike :)

I use Vicemon but the assembler(Kickassembler) I am using doesn't export label files...

Might have to change of assembler I guess

Mike said...

If you use mine (SNASM) it outputs VICE labels.

I use this for all my 6502 work :)

Iapetus said...

Thanks gonna check it.

Iapetus said...

Looks great, it would be even greater if you do what you listed in "Whats Next?" ;)

My code is 4000 lines now, it will take a while to convert it to SNASM... if I find some time I will do it.