Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SNASM: 65816 support....

I've been adding more addressing modes during lunchtime, so now I can do full 16bit immediate mode stuff. This also means I had to put in 8/16 bit flow control using new LongA and LongI, so you can now do commands like this!

        LongA   off
LongI off

lda #$ff
adc #$55
and #$fe
cmp #$12
eor #$55
ora #$55
sbc #$55
bit #$55

ldx #$23
cpx #$55
ldy #$23
cpy #$55

LongA on
LongI on

lda #$ffff
adc #$5125
and #$fe34
cmp #$1112
eor #$5544
ora #$5555
sbc #$5566
bit #$5532

ldx #$2312
cpx #$5542
ldy #$2363
cpy #$5513

Great fun!! I found out from the forums on Lemon64 that I can happily run my SuperCPU on my C128 in C64 mode without fear of blowing it up, so I can probably start to test some of the output soon.

I was thinking of doing a bitmap scroller an actually blitting the bitmap on each frame - which at 20Mhz, should only take around 1/5th of a frame!! wow thats fast... I could then also do software sprites on top of that! The great thing being that the sprites would be much quicker (aside fom the 20Mhz stuff) since I dont have to copy character data around - AND you wouldn't be limited by the character set either -its a bitmap! Colour would also be possible with this as well I guess... and thats not even thinking about C64 hardware sprites yet either!

Theres surprisingly little added to the 6502, a couple of addressing modes (and I'm doing 24bit Absolute addressing just now), and a few extra instructions that take no effort at all really. So this shouldn't take that long at all to finish this....

Edit: Thinking a bit more about this....I really need to update my C64 emulator to allow 65816; development would go much quicker if I had an emulator to run it in... I'm not sure how much effort that would be, I've not looked at it in years - since I put it on the PS2/XBox really.

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