Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting orginised.

Yup, not been doing much.... A load of chips/parts have arrived so I've spent a couple of days sorting out my parts bin into some sort of order. I got fed up with not having the chips I needed/wanted, so I'm slowly trying to buy a few of everything (common chips at least), buit this means making some space for things.

I've also managed to source some pin headers for the clockport stuff, so Im going to start wiring up a SD/MMC+Clockport interface for the Plus4 next then I can start to have some REAL fun!!

I still need to finish doing the basic directory on the MMC, but that shouldn't be a big issue, and then loading a file should simply be a matter of getting the inital cluster from the directory entry, and reading it in.

I'm kinda looking forward to playing with the clockport the most, as it could mean some cool off the shelf toys for folk. The ethernet contoller looks the most fun, and I have the UDP slave source here to try out. Could be good!!!

I'm off to SigGraph in SanDiago next friday (3rd Aug), so I'll be back on XeO3 at that point, and I hope to get some stuff done on the plane again; but as usual it depends on how close the bloody seats in front are!

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