Sunday, August 03, 2008

Progress? Who knows....

Here's another little test app and this one's pretty simple, but it does show up the flaw.
58C9  CE 15 FF      dec $FF15
58CC EA nop
58CD EA nop
58D0 00 brk
58D1 EA nop
58D4 EA nop
58D5 4C C9 58 jmp $58C9

Now on entry to the debugger I adjust the stack to point to the BRK instruction so that we know exactly where its stopped. This works fine. But on exit I expect it to re-execute the BRK and not do anything, however this one does not. When I run it again the screen colour changes, and its not supposed to. I suspect this is the problem, BRK's are not being restarted properly, but at least now I have a test case, I should manage to fix it easily enough - I think.

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