Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good progress!

I've gotten on pretty well tonight! I've managed to finish BOTH the lexical analysis class and the expression evaluation system. Not bad for a nights work. I can now evaluate things like...


This means watches can enter calculations to be evaluated, which you can then apply the [...] modifier to so that its a memory lookup on the target. I still have a way to go as theres currently no way to get the evaluation system to look at the targets memory OR registers. However that shouldn't be hard and then things will start to get very cool. Of course the inital reason for this is so theres an interface for the CPU module to lookup symbols for the dissassembly, but through the same interface you'll be able to execute actual calculations.

I also have the ability to add commands to this, like Lo() and Hi(). This means you could do calculations like...

Lo( 2<<(4*4)+8*4 )<<2

This is pretty neat, but it also opens up for more complex functions like ...err... SQRT() or something, which is pretty cool too. The whole expression and lexical stuff is just 2 small C# files, so its pretty portable if I want to do anything else, so this could be handy!

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