Monday, August 11, 2008

Expressions and Lexical analysis

So I started to look around after yesterdays revamp of the plugins, and realised that to finish the intialisation system I need to pass in an expression evaluation interface. Oh well.... more code to port..... I started to port over SNasms expression stuff but it soon became apparent that I needed a lexical processor first. Now the one in SNasm it pretty fully featured, but a bit much for a command interface, then I suddenly realised that I dont need very much at all. I need to be able to pick out symbols (like *,."$&[]() etc.) and symbols. This means I only need a very simple one as at text I dont understand will be a label (or I can do a quick dictionary lookup to got basic commands).

So I've almost got this basic one going, and its really very simple but will do the job at hand. So I'll finish this tomorrow, and then port the expression stuff the night after and finally I'll be able to get the intialisation stuff done. It also means I can start to load symbol files and get a proper symbolic dissassembly!

Slow going, but we're headed in the right direction.

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