Friday, August 01, 2008

New we're getting some where!

So with most of the ground work done I've now managed to get registers from the client and can dissassemble the current view (as shown). I'm using a rich text box (after some head scratching) and it appears to work fine. I have a stack of new interfaces and classes that people will use to write their own debugging aids, and Russell says he wants to do a Z80 one and plug it into my noddy spectrum emulator. (which I had forgotten all about). This means when I get the basic one going, he's going to write a TCP/IP (or UDP) version and that can be given away free for folk to include in their own code. These stubs will be in C++ so most emulators should be able to use them.

I did start to port my spectrum emulator over to C# but never got around to finishing it - perhaps something to do on my next holiday.....

So the current state of play is I can stop the target, run it again, and get its registers and a dissassembly view of it. Next I need to be able to STEP an instruction, and then things will get really interesting! While you're using a PC to debug the Plus/4, its easy to forget that it's a slow beasty and the more watches, memory windows and the like you have, the slower its going to go! downloading all that memory will take time! So if its too slow, closing a memory window will probably speed things up quite a bit!

The debugger is also designed so that one day I can add source level debugging as well. This means you can step through your actual source code and not just some abstract view. It also means you'll get all your comments while stepping and viewing code. This will be pretty cool indeed. Minus4Dos actually did this. It was the last feature I added before stopping its development, and it was pretty cool so I'm looking forward to getting that feature back. I'll need to expand SNasm's output support so that it does index files which will eventually enable me to do this, but that should be pretty easy....

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