Wednesday, May 28, 2008

XeO3: Wiki

I'm slowly updating the wiki just now, and documenting the scriping system as best I can. I was going to keep the wiki quiet for now, but Luca's let the cat out the bag so what the hell!

You can get to the wiki either via the main XeO3 web site, or directly at All I'm doing there just now is script documentation, but feel free to go and have a read and give me some feedback. Remember the whole reason for doing this was to get a modern game engine out there for people to be able to MOD and release more games! So for that there needs to be some good documentation, and that means people have to understand when the hell I'm talking about!

Still we're on target and things are progressing well (for a change).

I also finished updating my DMADESIGN.ORG site to use my new CGI script, and I did my first perl script as well...very odd - oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Because cats put out of the bag usually bite their owner, which will be in a hurry by then :)