Monday, May 26, 2008

XeO3: Wiki!!!

I'm busy setting up an XeO3 wiki (with restricted user access) so that Luca and I can document everything in XeO3 properly. Previously Luca started out doing it on the main site, but that's hard to maintain. I use MediaWiki at work for blogs and its pretty flexible, not to mention that people can edit live and simoltaneously. So no longer will Luca or I (or Russell eventually) spot an error and have to wait for the correct person to edit it, we can do it directly outselves. Which is nice...

Aside from the fake BOSS at the end of the level, the scripting documentation is the only thing now holding up the release (I think). So I hope to push on and get it at least in a semi-usable state so we can finally get a working demo out there for you to play and play with!

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