Tuesday, May 20, 2008

XeO3: Busy night!!

Well, I've gotten on well tonight and no mistake! I've added a heap of new paths which means I only have to do the BOSS!! How cool is that!! I've also just added the FIRE flag to the baddies so I can now selectively pick which baddies I want to shoot. But what this means is that I'm actually almost done!!

I need to add a boss (kind of... SOMETHING at the end...).
Scripting Documentation.
Cleaning out the sprites(its a demo after all!)

And..errr... thats it I think... So almost there!!! Remember we are releasing a test suit not JUST a demo level! You will be able to play with paths and make your own level if you want to!

What I really hope is that we'll fine someone really good at making levels, and they can help on the actual game! (I HATE making levels... I may have mentioned this before...)

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