Sunday, May 18, 2008

XeO3: Action!

I've just spend they past hour or so adding in baddie shooting, and it makes a real difference! It's now tough! And in places; REALLY TOUGH! I've still some tuning to do before I can call it V1.0 but its looking pretty good.

This means you can no longer line up a whole row of baddies and blast them while automatically following in to pick up coins, as one or more of them may be shooting at you and you'll run right over the bullets! I plan to make this optional in baddies so that at the start of levels I can ease players in then make it tough later on.

It also means that I can make the end of level baddies even harder if I need to, as I can bet them to shoot at you without using sprites! So while I can use a sprite to fire a large rocket or something, I can fire out up to 8 bullets at a time forcing you to dodge all over the place! That could be fun! (or a nightmare!)

Oh, and on a side note... I've also allowed turrents(and baddies) to shoot horizontally. This means again you cant fly directly at a turret/baddie worry free anymore!

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