Saturday, December 20, 2008

RetroEdit cleanup

For the lack of any better ideas, I've been cleaning up retro edit into a more consistant state and I've now got the control editing the data in a native format. This means theres no real conversion required when lifting the data out an saving it off - or indeed loading data into it.

I still need to go through the application itself as I've changed my mind on several things. For example while its perfectly valid to allow you to edit HiRes and MultiColour more sprites together I'm not going to allow it. This means you dont have to run through a hundred sprites and switch them all to Hires or MCM, and in reality this would hardly ever happen anyway.

I can now draw a sprite okay so what I really need to do is add colour palette selection to let me pick which colour I want to paint with. Once I've done that I can add the features that make editing fun.

I'll need to extend the editing control to allow for character and bitmap mode because I want to use the same control to do all editing. That said, I'm still not sure what I'll be spending my time on over the Christmas break, but for now I'll carry on with this...


Anonymous said...

just wondering... what IS retro edit anyway?

Mike said...

RetroEdit is my multi-system graphics editor. I started ages ago to help with XeO3 but it fell by the wayside (as usual) due to time restrictions. That and I wanted to play with other things.

If you search my blog for reto edit you'll get the whole story and see some piccys of what I'm doing - or rather that I'm trying to do. The problem with doing this kind of stuff at home is that I get easily bored with it as I do this kind of stuff at work too!