Sunday, December 07, 2008

It never rains but it pours..

So, I've figured out what was wrong...ready? The ZIP file. And I have no idea why. I unzipped it, then rezipped it, and it all works. Sugar. Does this mean I have to go and rezip every file on Plus4world? Who knows... But at least it appears to be working...kind of. I wonder if I could send the broken ZIP to sun and have them fix it, because I can only assume theres a bug in the JVM. I'll need to see if I can find an unzipping program that CAN'T unzip it, because if they all work then its definitelty broken in the java JVM.


Anonymous said...

Zip is an extensible compression format with many containreized compression subtypes. Perhaps the ZIP support you are attempting from within JAVA only contains support for some of the various subordinate compression types, rather than all of them.

I found that PCX is also a pain in the neck for this type of thing, and DiVX and MP4 were also pains for this same issue, when they started out.

Mike said...

I dont think thats it... The file appears to be a very simple/standard ZIP, or normal ZIP packages wouldn't have been able to unzip it (since it would indicate a custom format). But WinZIP and WinRAR have both managed to unzip without a problem. I'll try some other programs and see how they fair, and I'll also try and find out what zipped it in the first place.