Tuesday, November 27, 2007

XeO3: Profiled!

I'll get into this in a bit, but I just wanted to show the basic XeO3 profile. As expected sprite drawing is coming out on top with the HUGE spike inside ZeroBlock which is the bit that draws sprites when they are over an empty character. This is the fastest path through the sprite system.

The 2 big peaks to the right are the screen copy used for scrolling (but also wipes the display). Theres 2 seprate peaks as its double buffered and it flips from one to the other.

This is pretty good as it means code is taking its time in the areas expected; as is usually the case for 8bit stuff. However, I'll start looking at things like collision and zeropage next. Theres something funny happening in zeropage that I'll need to track down, it looks like something it over writing a couple of bytes of unallocated memory down there.

Oh...The reason I was able to pick this bit out is that I've impemented the ZOOM feature. So now all you do is click and drag over an area of interest and then click ZOOM. I'll need to change the Execute buffer as when you zoom in to byte level, it only counts the OPCODE bytes as being used. This means you get a peak, 0, peak, 0,0 peak etc. as the paramaters aren't tagged. All I need is a 256 byte table of how big each opcode is then fill in each location of an instruction.

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