Saturday, November 24, 2007

Plus4: The expansion port...

Oh.... and as a little side note.... I was wondering.... The big problem with the plus4 is that theres no female edge connectors that now FIT the plus4. Sure we can make cards that plug into the machine, but we can't do THROUGH connectors. So I was wondering, why not make a new standard?

We could do a convertor that goes in the current port, but then expands into a new size; a new width that there ARE connectors for. Then we make the cards fit the new size - say the PC ISA card size, as these are big enough and easy to get (or something like that). This way you can add through connectors and allow cards to be connected together.

This means all we need is one card to plug into the expansion, and from then on we make stuff for the NEW port.

Other machines like the Spectrum and C64 can have through ports - like the MMC64 which still allows the retroreplay to be plugged in. That would be cool.

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