Saturday, March 31, 2007

limiTED: Hard core fun!

I've been having great fun making some real hardcore demos for a new demo comp - my 1st demo comp in fact! limiTED was started and managed by Luca and has 3 catagorys: 64bytes, 128bytes and 1k. 64 bytes is about as hardcore as you get and is pretty hard to even start a program properly never mind do anything constructive, while 128 bytes you can just about do something nice. 1k is quite a lot, so your back into real demos which have to look nice as well as do something. The demos have to be anonymous for now so I cant say much more except its getting me back into 6502 fun land! So much so I hope to start back on XeO3 real soon... as soon as I've run out of demos to try and enter. I've never been much for doing cool demos, I've always been able to optimise and do stuff, but never come up with wierd shit that works well in a demo. So if I manage to do something, I'll be interested to see if everyone else thinks they're pooh or not.

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