Friday, March 09, 2007

Almost there....

I've spent a frustrating couple of nights trying to get my units forwarding the packets, but I've almost got it. Theres hardly any documents or pages about doing interrupt driven coms with pick so it's taken a lot longer than I'd hoped. I'm also sure that theres a compiler bug as some of the code I was trying didn't work when it should have.

However once I got that going, I was able to forward the current packet to the next unit and display it there. But when I tried to address both at once, it just didn't work. I can address the 1st one (where by it doesn't forward anything), or the second, where the data is sent via the 1st but not displayed on the 1st; however I can't sent something to the the 1st and then the 2nd in turn for some reason. It gets the 1st packet and then locks up....*sigh*

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