Friday, March 09, 2007

Alas poor scrolly, I knew him well..

I can't beleive how stupid I was last night. Banging my head off the wall trying to debug by just reading the source over and over without any feedback at all when suddenly today, I got one of those DOH! moments. I realised that I already HAVE a simple way of debugging (well...simpler). I can display an 8x5 pixel graphic! Or numbers and letters! What an idiot. So, I built the numbers 0 to 9 and then was able to find out the flow the program was taking (much like you'd do with PRINT's in your code). So, after an hour or so I've finally got it to run - more or less. It does work, but at the same time it doesn't. Theres still something wrong with the interrupts as if I get 2 packets very quickly, then the whole thing locks up. But if I delay 1ms between each packet, then all is well. This sounds like its getting a buffer overrun error (or I cant read it quick enough error). However, for testing, a 1ms delay is fine, particually as I have 100ms between displays to waste. This gives 64ms to send the whole row of pixels - fine.

But alas no.... Because of the system Im using I can actually test what it would be like to send 64 packets, and the load on the first units is far too heavy. It spends soo much time doing comm's, it has zero time left for anything else - like displaying the image. It flickers like mad! This isn't good. It simply can't handle passing on that many packets in an interrupt.

So, it looks like I'll have to try and reverse things. I'll put the comm's in the main loop, and the display in the interrupt. The display is VERY VERY simple, and will consist of a timer IRQ where by it sets 2 port variables - and thats it. This means when it does interrupt the comms, (which only happens every 3ms) it won't be in there for long.

*sigh*....its never easy.

EDIT: actually... it might not be all that bad.... The reason for the flicker could be that the delay in the main loop is being extended hugely due to the comms taking up more time. (the delay is a simple CPU loop). So before changing everything, I'll try using a timer for the counter instead which will of course be independent of CPU delays....

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