Thursday, September 28, 2006

XeO3 teaser....

Okay, so I've spoken to Luca, and we've both decided a teaser would be better as we don't want to give too much away, but we do both want to show the progress we're making. I think part of the reason for the demo is that people have to "see" it to believe that its not just all fiction, and to see that that we're not exaggerating on the website as to how good its looking.
So I've spent this evening putting in a TEASER assembley option so I can enable this whenever I want to. After 6 years, it'll be nice to get peoples reaction once they actually see it run!

Doing this also showed that the Plus4 would actually be capable of a simultaneous 2 player game! This would be amazing! 2 players on screen at once blasting away! But I'll leave that as a lesson for the reader.. :)

This demo has also showed up a bug in the sprite system, it wasn't setting the first frame of the sprite correctly, so thats now fixed.

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