Friday, September 29, 2006

XeO3: Power ups..

So, back to work then... I've been thinking on how to get powerups from baddies, and I reckon that the best way would be if you had to kill groups of them; miss any, and you dont get anything. So, what I need is a couple of script commands to help with this. So, I'll create RESETGROUP <index>, SETGROUP <index> and STOPGROUP. This will let me tie baddies together, but they'll also need a new GROUP flag so that I know I have to link them with the others.

To do this, I'll simply create a 8byte array (so I have 8 groups to play with at any one time) and after I issue a RESETGROUP in the path any sprite started with GROUP will simply increment the variable in the group array that we're currently using. Then, when it dies, decrement it. If something does die, and the counter goes to 0, then we can start the death path which then releases the power-up.

Should worl fairly well, and with SETGROUP , should let me have multiple groups on the go at once. Most I think will drop money, but some will drop weapons.... I think... Up to Luca I suspect :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
just wanting to let you know that ppl actually read and enjoy this :)


Mike said...

Always nice to know - thanks!