Friday, September 29, 2006

XeO3 scripts...

The cool thing about doing a script engine is that whenever you need a new feature or have a special case, you can simply add a new command for it. Which is exactly what I've done to help the Teaser demo; so now when it reaches the end of the level, instead of waiting for the BOSS (which isn't there - we dont want to give the whole game away!) the level will restart and you can watch it all again!

I've been throwing in a load of scripts to help fill up the level and its looking pretty good, but I don't expect many of these paths to be kept once we do the level properly We'll take a lot more care in placement than I've done with these quickies!

What really gets me with XeO3 on the Plus/4, is that its doing SOOO much work! If I ported it to the C64, I wouldn't have to draw any software sprites (although I might mask the baddie's bullets), and since running a multiplexor is actually fairly cheap, the game would fly!! I could also scroll the bloody screen properly rather than 2 pixels at once making it much smoother as well. Once the Plus/4 one's finished, who knows...I might port it over to the C64 - the basic game would "just run", and all I'd need to do is polish it. We'd also have a TON of characters freed up for even nicer backgrounds! I wonder if I could do a bitmap scroller so I could use colour...Mmmm... that'd be very cool.

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