Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I've been spending the past couple of days cleaning up my current code base, and doing some of test code the way it should be done. Russell breifly explained his "tweak" system to me, so I've implemented a very simple version of this. It basically allows "system variables" much like GetEnvVar() does - but quick. It's really handy for LIB's when you dont want to include header files but to try and keep it as contained as possible.

We also had a discussion about things like static_cast<blah*>(var) and (blah*)var. I'm very much a fan of the second since I tend to think about the underlying data, but "new" C++ programmers use the static_cast. I hate the syntax of that. It's long winded, too many brackets for my liking and multiple types (static, reinterpret etc.). I just dont see what it gives over the original C version. And this has again got me thinking about whether I'm able to keep up with modern day coders. As Russell said, even though I don't like the syntax, wait till I start dealing with Templates, coz they're horrible!

So, the ugly question of what should I do comes up again... I think a friend of mine might have some opportunities soon, but it might just be too soon. I don't really want to haul anchor and leave when Realtime are just starting to get things orginised with the new technology, since at the moment, I'm kind of integral to their plans. Leaving now would be a set back for them, and I don't really want to do that. At the same time... you can't ignore certain opportunities, because they are rare and you simply might not get the chance again.

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