Monday, April 17, 2006

I was listening to Pinks new album, and one song in particular struck a cord: Dear Mr President. The main reason is that it goes on about a hard day's work, and I have to begin to think about what would happen should I leave the game industry. It's true that being a coder, I've never truly known a hard day in my life. Sure, we have some "crunch times" where we might work a full 24 or even 36 hour day, and we might never get any overtime, or a life after work - but when all is said and done, its easy work; enjoyable even.

I know if I worked 9 to 5 in McDonalds it would probably feel like a living hell, very few people actually really enjoy that kind of work. So have have to feel lucky in the position that Im in, even if I'm unsure as to what the future of that might be, at least I know what involved, and love my work. I come home at night and do more with out a second thought, I can't see people in shops or McDonalds doing that.

I've been having more woes with the new Visual Studio 2005, its really nice overall, but has some very irritating little quirks. Ever since Microsoft had security problems with buffer overruns, it seems that they've been at pains to force everyone to learn from their mistakes. It never seemed to occur to them that we might not make that mistake in the first place, but VS2005 almost forces you to use these new functions - even if you dont want to!

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