Sunday, March 05, 2023

#CSpect V2.19.2.1

#CSpect V2.19.2.1 changes

Minor fix for the debugger screen, and a couple of quick additions.
  • Fixed the debugger screen so it's no longer transparent
  • .NEX file start delay added to loading of NEX files
  • -nodelay added to skip a .NEX file start delay
  • -rot90 Rotate the display 90 degrees
  • -rot180 Rotate the display 180 degrees
  • -rot270 Rotate the display 270 degrees
  • Command line processing cleaned up a bit
  • cspec_win.dat file format changed. Now includes a version [0], and screen rotation [1]

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Unknown said...

Hello Mike
Thanks for the very useful emulator.
I found that the following instruction is not handled correctly by the emulator:

DD CB nn FF: set 7, (ix + nn), a

This is the undocumented opcode that allows changing bits at address (IX+nn), then copy the result to reg A.
I hope this will be fixed in future versions
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've followed the steps from and used 'Next distribution 32Mb SD Card Image' for the mmc image.
After building the project.hex and putting it into the tbblue.mmc image, I run the command:

E:\SpectrumNext\project\bin\CSpect.exe -r -brk -w3 -zxnext -nextrom -mmc=E:\SpectrumNext\sdcard\tbblue.mmc

No window opens.

Instead, CSpect.exe slowly eats memory up to the 64GB and I have to kill it.

If I use the same command without the -mmc=E:\SpectrumNext\sdcard\tbblue.mmc

I get the green screen with the copyright message at the bottom.
Nothing more happens but the program still appears to be slowly eating the RAM (about 24KB/s)

Windows 10 pro/2950x/64GB RAM

Anonymous said...

hi Mike, you wrote a Key map to use the emulator with Windows PC! symbol shift, caps shift, graphic mode etc. I thank you.