Wednesday, June 02, 2021

#CSpect V2.14.3

#CSpect V2.14.1 changes

A few fixes and some new features, and I've also added in a beta of my SD Card Editor, allowing you to easily copy files off the SD card using a nice explorer sty;e window.

I will also draw peoples attention to the new analytics that have been added. I've been wondering where I should direct my effort, so this is trying to get a feel for how people are using it. It's mainly startup counters, major function key presses, and command line options. There is a switch to disable if you feel uncomfortable, but please keep it enabled if you can, it'll help the future of the emulator. I may also share some stats in the future as I'm sure folk will be interested in usage numbers etc...

Minor update V2.14.3
  • Fixed BIS and Warhawk crash
  • Odd crash with last version, rebuilding zip to try and fix
  • Now alerts you to a new version
  • Did more sprite window fixes
  • Altered FLASH rendering

Minor update V2.14.1
  • Added a check for AY regs above 16, as a common music driver has a bug in it
  • Timers are now reset on F3
  • IRQ TStates are reset back to 30 Pre-Tstates. This isn't correct but helps some games work better.
  • Stopped a crash on exit from fullscreen

Changes V2.14.0
  • Fixed esxDOS Read/Write so it's now returning NEXT pointer IX instead of HL.
  • You no longer need to extract ROM files to run in full SD card mode, they will be copied out the SD card image directly.
  • Sprite right edge clip fixed - I think.
  • AY registers are now readable
  • Some very basic analytics are now collected. Each startup, command line options etc. "-analytics" to disable. Please leave it on if you can, as it'll help me direct developement effort.
  • I have added my new SDCardEditor into the archive. This is very much just a beta, but lets you easy copy files from the SD card. Full editing coming on this.
  • The latest windows update now causes some nasty stalling. To reduce (but not remove), go into "settings" and search for "game mode" and switch it off. This will help a little.


Unknown said...

Thanks very much Mike. If you ever get the chance and if it is possible would you consider allowing in 'GAMING mode' without having to hold the shift button down to move the cursor!? (The last release has become the most stable without having being delete by Window Defender) - Tony Dang

funkheld said...

#CSpect V2.14.1

that doesn't work, it crashes before the start screen of the next comes.

CSpect.exe -w2 -fullscreen -zxnext -nextrom -exit -brk -tv -com="COM1:115200" -mmc=tbblue.mmc
CSpect.exe -w2 -zxnext -nextrom -exit -brk -tv -mmc=tbblue.mmc

bobeff said...

I have a feature request. Is it possible to implement functionality for save and load of the machine state in the emulator? Or maybe it is already supported?

Unknown said...

Hey Mike,

Where can I find CSpect.exe in this latest build please?

ewe2 said...

I ran the demos using mono in linux (Debian Bullseye) and Cspect crashes whenever it needs to use ALSA, just hangs. It might be getting refused access to the port, I'm not sure. The error is 'ALCplaybackAlsa_mixerNoMMapProc' timeout and it is being seen as a pulseaudio stream but there shouldn't be a conflict.

Bagpuss said...

Found an odd feature in SNASM. Its been bugging me for a while trying to understand why the re-written version would not assemble. Turned out the issue was I had a line:
and later in the code did
ld hl,SWAP
This gave me an incorrect addressing mode error
changing the code to

varSWAP: DB 0
ld hl,varSWAP

fixed it.

May be silly but is SWAP a reserved word in the c# version of snasm?

Unknown said...

If you try to move the CSpect Window on Catalina - macOS, the window moves to the bottom of the screen when you click the header bar. What's happening?

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, not sure if this is correct but Mcafee antivirus reports that this and the previous version contains a virus.