Wednesday, March 03, 2021

#CSpect 2.13.01

#CSpect V2.13.01 changes

A few fixes and some new Next hardware that's coming soon....
  • Put some guards around break point setting to check ranges a little.
  • Symbols are uppercased on load (they aren't case sensitive)
  • Fixed memory window. Any address < $10000 is not a physical address, its the 64k mapped. If you need this, use bank/offset
  • Fixed some BASIC key issues - holding down control keys etc
  • Fixed a ULA global transparancy issue
  • Fixed NEX loading and initialising of ULA colours
  • Rewrote the ULA colour system - was a mess.
  • Fixed some Timex rendering issues
  • Basic CTC timers (4) added. Timer mode only, no cascading. Timers can generate IRQs.
  • NextReg $CC and $CD - IRQ DMA suspend mode for timers, liner interrupts and ULA added
  • Z80 CTC Timer example source included in demo


Tony Dang said...

Thank you?!

Mattsteel said...

My antivirus says it detects Trojan.Gen.NPE
Any help ?

Mike said...

False positive - add an exception.

Ivan Rubesa said...

I'm downloading this to run cspect on a mac, but my virus scanner detects Gen:Variant.Razy trojan.
Is this the same as above and it's safe to ignore or should I be concerned?
Thanks in advance.

Hendrikk said...

You can add a exception for it, no problem, did it for mine and it is working.

Unknown said...

...same problem on Window 10 and Defender Anti-virus it works after add as exception but after a few days it gets deleted. The stable version is still 2.12.36...