Sunday, June 24, 2018

CSpect V12.1

CSpect changes
  • Added .NEX format loading. (see format below)
  • Added nextreg 8, bit 6 - set to disable memory contention. (untested)
  • Added Specdrum Nextreg mirror ($2D)
  • Removed OUTINB
  • Removed MIRROR DE
  • Added sprite global transparancy register ($4B) - $e3 by default, same as global transparancy ($14).
  • NextReg reg,val timing changed to 20T
  • NextReg reg,a timing changed to 17T
  • Added LDWS instruction (might change)

SNasm changes
  • Added LDWS opcode
  • Removed OUTINB instruction
  • Removed MIRROR DE instruction

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

widescreen spec next demo, running in the CSpect emulator it is missing the right strips of sprites ..