Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CSpect V1.11

Minor update to CSpect

CSpect changes
  • Fixed Lowres window (right edge)
  • You can now use long filenames in RST $08 commands (as per NextOS), can be set back to 8.3 via command line
  • Layer 2 now defaults to banks 9 and 12 as per NextOS
  • Added command line option to retrun $FF from port $1f
  • Fixed a possible issue in loading 128K SNA files. Last entry in stack (SP) was being wiped - this may have been pointing to ROM....
  • Fixed mouse buttons return value (bit 0 for button 1, bit 1 for button 2)


Admin said...

Great emulator! Been using it to play Dungeonette before my real Next arrives. Is there a way to save snapshots? Thanks.

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