Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Polls are now closed....

So...I thought it was time for another poll. Heres the results of the last ones.

What do you hope to do with XeO3?
  • Just play it! 52 (60%)
  • Just to look through the source for ideas 14 (16%)
  • Make my own levels. 7 (8%)
  • Reskin the whole game to make my own shoot-em-up. 6 (6%)
  • Use the full source code to make a complely different game. 6 (6%)
  • I'm not interested at all 1 (1%)

    Which platform are you most interested in?
  • Commodore 64 56 (41%)
  • Commodore Plus/4 27 (20%)
  • All of them!! 15 (11%)
  • Amstrad CPC 14 (10%)
  • Commodore 64 Super CPU 10 (7%)
  • I'd like it on a different platform... 7 (5%)
  • Sinclair Spectrum 5 (3%)

    So a couple of surprises.... One that theres actually 10 SCPU users! (unless he cheated and voted 10 times....), second that the CPC version out stripped the Speccy. Course, that could just mean we dont get a lot of speccy folk dropping by.

    But with the main poll having a few folk actually wanting to use the source/scripting, I thought I'd ask another one. have any of you ACTUALLY looked at the demo scripting? Or better yet, even done something with it?!?!? Theres a new Poll over on the right, so let me know.

    Anonymous said...

    No cheating here. I there are about a dozen SCPU users that I know, and I politely pointed them to the poll, so that could be the answer ;-)



    Mike said...

    LOL.... so you basically told every SCPU user to drop by :)