Saturday, September 27, 2008

Plus4 world lives again!

Plus4 world now has a new home!! Although it still has some way to go in terms of files etc, you can now at least log on and use it again.

Thanks again to Csabo for all his hard work!!


Anonymous said...

Great, I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Hi There

I am currently doing a port of XEO3 for the Amstrad CPC+.

Many vital routines work.

Scrolling, Background animation and some of the sprite movemovement is working.

But i would like to test it with the original graphics of the +4 version. Is there a place where the raw graphics of the +4 version can be downloaded (eg. in BMP or GIF format - needs to be converted into the special format used on the CPC!).. I also think of the graphics of the background tiles etc. Also the 200 x 3 x 3 tiles map. I tried the Alpha version of XEO3 in the Yape emulator and would thought about dumping it into an CPC emulator. But i am a complete novice in commodore stuff, (Z80/CPC only) so unsuccessfull :-(

Keep up the excellent work!

Vladimir Janković said...

CPC version of XEO3 ! :) :) :)

This is not official as i can see.... :)
Even better... shows how much people appreciate your work...

Great news... I would say: give him graphics! Make him one of you! :)

Then you need an atari guy, an bbc guy, and......... :)