Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've been discussing the debugger and trying to gauge how people develop over on lemon64 (HERE!), so if your interested head on over there.

I still think this project has the chance of being invaluable to the retro comunity, particually if I can get emulator writers to pick it up and implement the STUB (which I think/hope should be minimal work for them). This then gives a stable, consistent debugger across the board and should allow developers a great code base for doing tools and other features, not to mention develop new hardware and games.

I'm actively looking for feedback and suggestions on how you develop and what you'd liketo see in a debugger, so feel free to join in the discussion on lemon64.

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Anonymous said...


I think if you want proper input
on what c64 folks would like for
cross-development tools/debugging
you should try csdb.. think that
might be more appropriate than lemon64...