Saturday, July 19, 2008

C64 framework V1.1?

I've thought of one more thing I'd like to add, but its not a quickie by anymeans so I'll leave it till version 1.1 so that I can get this version released. After speaking about using the MMC card as a loader, I suddenly realised that it would be awesome to have a proper file loader built into the framework. That way these no excuse as to not use it, and it'll make development MUCH simpler. Simply bung your files onto an MMC card in a folder or something, then load them - how simple would that be! It might also mean we would start getting some more games that load directly from the MMC rather than floppy/tape, which would be very cool.

I also suspect V1.2 will be when I start to add remote debugging features through RR-NET. As I've mentioned in the past I do have the beginings of a remote debugger on the Plus/4 and would like to get that onto the C64 but using the ethernet adapter rather than the user port. Although since the upload/download part is prett much GetByte()/SendByte() I can probably have both in case people don't have an RR-NET. It would be good to get a proper devkit again as I was reading about the old PDS system I used to use and starte getting a little homesick for it...

You can read about it HERE if you wish although its in spanish. HERE'S a translated version via Babelfish. It really was an amazing little system and I miss it hugely.

Oh and as a little side note, I've managed to get WWW.XEO3.COM again. I'd let this expire and some bugger pinched it which is why I went to the .ORG, but I've now got it back again so I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the loader, but what about people who use IDE64s, RAMLinks or other faster than 1541 and tape devices?



Mike said...

They should just be able to use standard kernal routines I believe, but the MMC64 doesn't patch the kernal so you have to do it yourself - or so I've been led to believe.....

If this isn't true someone could send me loaders for these devices and I could add them.

Turbo loaders for disk or tape need not be added, as long as you leave the area where they they install free, you should be fine.