Saturday, September 15, 2007

Xeo3: Taking stock...

So, Ive been cleaning my desk a little and getting things back in a usable state, and while doing this I reconnected my Plus/4 and had a quick play of XeO3 using my new Joystick adapter. It nice being able to use a normal joystick, but it feels a little un-plus/4-ish for some reason.

While playing I spotted another bug this time in the new weapons system. Once I've powered up enough to get larger and faster bullets I dont always seem to be able to shoot turrets/mines. This must be due to the extra character hitting the turret and not detecting it properly, so I'll have to look into that next.

I need to copy the latest source from the laptop onto my main machine at some point so I can carry on. I think I'm actually fairly close to doing a beta release with a test level so we can staty to guage difficulty for everyone. After all this time it would be nice to let you guys have a play with it.


Anonymous said...

I feel like it's time to force in a new period of work, seriously, though all the stuff around in reallife©. I mean, force it in a nasty brutal way ;)

Vladimir Janković said...

Yeah you should! :)

Even better we should force you!

Come on guys we need a test level :)

Please... pretty please... :)

cbmeeks said...

Can't wait to play on my real Plus/4!