Saturday, June 30, 2007

XeO3: More micro optimisations....

I've spent some more time relaxing and scaning the code looking for the odd cycle here and there, and I've managed to smoothout some of the path code a little. I'd noticed that just before calling the actual command I set Y to 0 so that it pointer back to the start of the command (and not the index into the jump table), however the first thing all the commands did was to skip the first byte so it could read the paramaters (using an INY). This meant a wasted 2 cycles in every function. Not a lot... but 10 scripts, and around 20 functions means 20 cycles saved, and around 20 bytes as well - and the codes a little cleaner.

I also look at the Misc part - this is the messy bit that does all the grunt work of getting baddie numbers into sprites etc, and I've streamlined that a little too as it had duplicate checks and the average case wasn't as optimal as it could be.

All in all - good fun!

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